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About Us


Mission Statement

We are a citizen initiative that promotes open access to civic information for the region of Montreal.

We believe open access to civic information and data increases civic engagement, makes services more accessible, and creates opportunities for innovation.

Through this space we hope to initiate and sustain a productive dialogue on open access between stakeholders for the benefit of all Montréalers. Join the conversation!

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Founders Who are we?

Jonathan Brun is co-founder of Nimonik, an environmental regulatory website that helps companies across Canada manage their environmental obligations. Born and raised in Montreal, he has worked on a number of community projects in and around the city. Jonathan has a strong interest in Open Data and believes it supports an efficient and open government.

Jean-Noé Landry is a consultant who specializes in democratic development, working mainly with civil society actors and political institutions. In between assignments to the Balkans, Russia, Afghanistan, the West Bank, and Kenya, he is active as an organizer and trainer in Montreal. Jean-Noé is a long-time advocate for citizen engagement and effective governance.

Michael Lenczner is a CEO of Ajah, a online funding research service for the non-profit sector company based on public data. He is also a co-founder of Ile sans fil, a free wireless service which has served over 150,000 Montrealers. He serves on the boards of several Montreal-based non profits and he helped launch CivicAccess and CitizenFactory, an open data project which helps youth learn about parliamentary activities through real-time reporting.

Sébastien Pierre is the founder of FFunction, a interface design company that helps organizations, businesses, and governments manage information overload.  For Sébastien, open access to government data is an important step towards a more open and participative democracy; where citizens become real participants in decision-making.


Diane Mercier is a practicing-researcher and consultant in information management and an open-source advocate. She regularly publishes on data visualization, information management, open-data, and community uses of information technology in public organisations.

David Eaves is a public policy entrepreneur, open government activist and negotiation expert David is frequent public speaker and author. He is also retained by governments, non-profits, open source communities and Fortune 500 firms to advise on open government, open data, public policy, community management and critical negotiations.