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Like all other citizen initiatives, we depend on the active participation of our supporters and network of volunteers. The cause of Open-Data has the potential to improve the quality of life and the efficiency of municipal services; therefore, all Montréalers will be touched by our efforts. If you live in Montréal, this initiative concerns you. Whether you are a developer, statistician, designer, artist, municipal worker, entrepreneur or engaged citizen, there is a place in this movement for you.

We need your help and we aim to outline a few ways you might be able to contribute to our efforts to bring open-data to Montreal.

To help us explain the potential benefits of open-data to the city of Montréal, we are compiling a list of useful resources. If you can contribute to these lists, it will greatly help our efforts to educate decision makers. Please add relevant documents to the three open-spreadsheets:

  1. A list of cost benefit studies of open-data initiatives throughout the world.
  2. A list of the data currently offered, in varying formats, by the city of Montréal.
  3. A comparison of the data-sets currently offered by municipalities across North America.

In addition to the three documents above, here are some of our most pressing needs.

  • Educate your friends and colleagues about the necessity of open-data and the potential applications.
  • Participate in the discussion by adding your ideas, analysis, and comments to our blog or your own.
  • Come to our public meetings
  • Stay informed by registering for our newsletter and follow us on twitter

In the upcoming months, we will need your help to accomplish specific tasks and activities. We have numerous ideas on how to encourage the city of Montréal to embrace open-data, but please do not hesitate to contribute your ideas to the discussion.

We are counting on your contributions!