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Montréal Ouvert is thrilled to announce we have partnered with the City of Montreal, the Montreal Gazette, OpenFile and Hacks/Hackers to make this the best hackathon yet.

The event will take place at Montreal city offices at 801 rue Brennan in a beautiful room looking onto the Lachine canal. A big thank you to the city for warmly hosting open data activists and friends.

The city will also launch a great new data set: catalogues for all 43 municipal libraries! – that’s over 14 million data points.

With over 80 people signed up for the event on November 19th, the Montreal Ouvert team is expecting an amazing day of creation and collaboration.

This Hackathon will have a slightly different format to improve participation from all citizens. A number of small and accessible workshops will be given on data driven journalism, access to information, and data visualization. Open data project creators will demonstrate past Montreal data apps and the Montreal library staff will be on hand to help with their new data set.

The Montreal Ouvert team will be there to welcome everyone and guide you to the right place.

The day will start at 9 h 30 and will conclude around 16 h with presentations of the work accomplished by the participants.


The City of Montreal recently adopted an open data policy and launched a web portal that has already received thousands of visitors in under two weeks.

Montréal Python is a group of software developers who are passionate about data and technology. We are certain they will energize the room and create some amazing apps for all Montrealers to use.

The Montréal Gazette, OpenFile, and Hack/Hackers are big data users and their participation demonstrates the growing importance of data in journalism.

If you do not already have your tickets, please go to the eventbrite page and grab your free tickets or sign-up for the full day of food, fun and t-shirts!


Workshop A (10 h à 10 h 30): Everything you wanted to know about FOI requests but were afraid to ask. – Led by Linda Gyulai, civic affairs reporter for the Montreal Gazette

Workshop B (11 h à 11 h 30): Data! What is it, and what is it good for?
Led by Sébastien Pierre – Co-founder of Montréal Ouvert and founder of FFunction

Workshop C (13 h 30 à 14 h): Hands-on data visualization.
Led by Sébastien Pierre – Co-founder of Montréal Ouvert and founder of FFunction