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Montréal Ouvert is very happy to be a partner for HackDay Montreal, organised by the Yellow API team. During the event on June 9th, a $300 prize will be awarded to the best use of open data. 

Here is a quick overview of the event by the team at Yellow API:

HackDays bring together the brightest geeks in technology across Canada. We hack together in a single day awesome applications using selected local and international APIs, making them available to developers with expert guidance from the API providers and an environment where you are going to be excited about hacking and creating! The HackDays hackahons are also a competition: as a developer you will compete for great prizes and glory! And who knows: perhaps you will meet the team you will be building your next startup with at HackDays. HackMTL is the Montreal edition of the HackDays tour. For the first time, the event is centred around a theme: Local+Social. The local community is involved like never before and we are excited to have great partners and awesome prizes.

If you want to get the most out of the event, make sure you arrive prepared. Start brainstorming on certain ideas, explore various concepts, map the most absurd API mashup and see how this could turn into a prize-winning app.

Know exactly what you want to build? Sign up for access to the APIs you plan to use, download the proper SDKs, read the documentation and experiment a little bit with the APIs. That way, you’ll save time by skipping these steps the day of the event!

Not sure what you want to do? You don’t have a team? No worries! Take the time to explore every API’s functionality and build yourself a mind map of the possibilities. On the D-Day, you’ll certainly find people complementing your abilities, and that way you’ll be able to start sharing knowledge and ideas very quickly.



Sorry, this entry is only available in French.

Sorry, this entry is only available in French.